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Can AI transform how we recruit?

AI Yes, this is going to change the way we recruit and transmit information to latent talent. LinkedIn was the first platform to inject the idea that there is talent beyond the known network areas of sourcing. They are silent and just waiting for the best opportunity to knock on the doors. What will AI do is the question being asked. Possibly this is what I think it should do,

  1. Ease of assessing a candidate (Bots assess through interface tools)
  2. Pull up a list of prospect talent from a pool of data (Face Book, LinkedIn, Paytm, Etc)
  3. Create buckets of candidates and engage them for prospects
  4. Ensure to push active candidate’s with relevant information about the possible opportunities along with data to aid decision making
  5. Provide Video based sessions to candidates who are in remote locations –help them make their videos and assess facial analytics to ensure the candidate is the proper personality to match the role required
  6. Provide a bucket of information about the candidate to the prospecting hiring manager to decide siting at his desk in his office and propose an offer

This is just a very rough frame of thoughts that occurred to me possible some of this is actually being implemented in bits and pieces. The infrastructure is available today at 3G and 4G or even a slower speed of 2G at remote locations of India, we can pioneer in recruitment through these deep tough methods. This can also bridge the gap and eliminate the barriers of communication that hinder or act as a distraction.

Forbes came out with an article in Jan 2018 detailing the various companies addressing the issues surrounding talent acquisition through AI and Data Science. I addressed another problem in the initial para of my article around ensuring to bring talent lying at the fringes into the mainstream. But over all are we looking at talent all the wrong way it should be just as simple as the answer i.e a person who has the skills (required proficiency level) to process the job. And what we do is to create a complected science to assess such a simple thing. But with 121 Crore of population and we add at an astonishing rate there is so much population and competition that its just humanly and technologically impossible to provide enough time to train. That is the issue?? Truly.

Coming back to today we do have challenges with our current system the ATS (Application Tracking System) that runs of a “Key Words” engine that in itself is posing a challenge to the recruiters. It is so ironical that the very system we made with intent to make it easier makes it so difficult. Change is happening with products that using  crawlers and analytics – algorithms to understand the person profile basis his social profile even possible his purchasing habits and compute a possible personality types. The systems are changing but then we are not addressing the core issues of skill.

This is my belief that Talent acquisition should focus on the core that is skill & personality matching the required candidate profile and eliminate the challenge of subjectivity of a personal interview. Will then some day “AI” could become such an tool that lets you just pick the best matching person and is 100% correct in the decision. Hope there is a time when one could just worry about individual skills and jobs just drop right into your laptops. Just a day dream.

Thank you for reading till the end.